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Monaco Xandrina

Monaco Xandrina born the 22th november 2005 in Torun (Poland) at Xandrina Kennel (owner Jadwiga Szulc), his dam is Dufosee Guinevre she is from probably the best English line, and his sire is Daragoj Frank Zappa from the blood line most famouse in the world, Monaco pedigree is full of American and English Champions.

His life was signed by great winn all over Europe, just in november 2006 during the World Dog Show in Poznan, he was awarded at less than 12 months with the great title of Junior World Winner, at the same show he was best of Opposit sex on a big entry of 185 beagles.

From february 2008 he is with has, in only 5 show (the minimun) he was Italian Champion


he is:


Junior World Winner 2006

Poland Junior Winner

Slovak Winner

Winner of Berlino 2007

Winner of Russia 2007

Polish Club Winner 2007

Latvia Winner Club 2007

Croatian Winner Club 2008

Champion RKF

Champion of Russia

Italian Champion

Croatian Champion

Junior Polish Champion

Multi-BOB Multi-BOG Multi-Cacib

2nd BIS Empoli 2008

 videos of Monaco:

Secondo best in show Nazionale di Empoli 2008

Giovane Campione del Mondo 2006 e Miglior Maschio

 other pics of Monaco:

monaco diplomas:


MSL genetic test: Monaco is clear from MLS 





P –Daragoj Frank Zappa

daragoj frank zappa

P - USACH Daragoj Crystal Rain

Daragoj Crystal Rain

P - Clarion Crystal Fire

clarion Crystal Fire

P – Ch Clarion Cloak

clarion cloak

M – Daragoj Starsong

Daragoj Starsong

M – Daragoj Lovenote

Daragoj Lovenote

P – Ch Briarhill our own brucie

Briarhill our own brucie

M – Daragoj Great Pleasur

daragoj grea pleasure

M - Daragoj Littel Boldlady

daragoj little bold

P – Briarhill Our Own Brucie

Briarhill our own brucie

P –Echo Run Jumping Jack Flash

jack flash

M – Loverly Too Hot To Touch

too hot to touch

M – Daragoj Cardamon


P – Echo Run Frolicsome Fella

echo run frolicsome senna

M – Daragoj Sabrina

daragoj sabrina

M - Dufosee Guinevre

dufosee guinevre

P – Dufosee Likely Lad

dufosee like lad

P – Dufosee Vindicator

dufosee vindicator

P –Dufosee Zenith

dufosee zenith

M – Tragband in Favour at Dufosee

M – Dufosee Boadicea



P – Bayard Zachariah

zacharia bayard

M – Dufosee Quaver

dufosee quaverrid

Dufosee Queen Bee

dufosee queen bee

P - Dyalinne Tolliver Of Tragband

tolliver of tragband

P – Soloman of Dyalinne

daragoj soloman

M – Tragband Sweet Bird of Youth

tragband sweet bird

M – Dufosee Arpege


P – Dufosee Harris Tweed

M – Dufosee Jessica

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